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Golden Groves Co

Golden Groves Caviar 50g

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This limited edition caviar is in collaboration with Sea Cave. 

We follow the ancient curation process of Malossol – Russian for ‘lightly salted’. The sturgeon is carefully selected from fresh, glacial waters, free of additives and pollution to ensure your tin has been packed with clean, premium-grade roe.

Unseal your tin of River Beluga Caviar to unveil the dark gold to deep green hues of these rich, buttery pearls. Accompany with blini & crème fraiche, or over devilled eggs - pairings ideal for entertaining. Traditionally, however, caviar is simply enjoyed with butter on a fresh slice of your favourite bread.

Refrigerate your tin at -2°C and consume within 5 days once opened. That is given you do not consume your tin in one sitting - an occurrence rarer than the caviar itself.


Please note we only deliver within metro Melbourne. Your caviar will be delivered to your doorstep between Monday to Thursday. We offer next day delivery for all orders made by 12pm.